Child Support & Custody

Child Support and Custody

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Disagreements about child custody can be one of the most contentious and emotional of all divorce law issues. Our Connecticut child custody attorneys are experienced negotiators and strong litigators, working toward reaching an agreement. If a settlement is not possible our strong and resourceful litigation department will assist you. When you need skilled and experienced representation, call or e-mail a Stamford child support lawyer at Greenberg & Prince LLC.

We are knowledgeable advocates

Divorce is not only an emotional experience for you but for your children as well. When you know what is in the best interest of your children, what the terms of visitation should be, or what dollar figure will constitute support of your child, you need an attorney knowledgeable about Connecticut child support guidelines who has decades of experience in family law situations in and out of court.

Our attorneys know that Connecticut state guidelines define child support as basic room and board, as well as any un-reimbursed medical expenses, and daycare costs. We know there are significant costs associated with raising your children in Fairfield County. Attorneys at our Connecticut law firm also know the tax ramifications of child support and can advise clients of consequences of a parent's child support payments.

Work it out when possible

At Greenberg & Prince, our Connecticut child custody attorneys work hard to reach a settlement you are comfortable with, however our strong litigation department will support your defense to the finish. Having a formidable litigation team helps to support you in getting the best possible settlement. Our lawyers always urge people to work out parenting or visitation schedules, with their own input, when they can. It makes sense that the people making the visitation schedules would be the ones who best know the child, as well as his or her school and extracurricular schedule.

Aggressive when we need to be

When the other parent is playing hardball, and not playing fair, you need us: attorneys who provide uncompromising strength and advocacy.

Our law firm has devoted its practice areas to focus on divorce cases and civil litigation. In all divorce issues, we have earned a reputation as lawyers with a personal touch who can be as aggressive as you need us to be. We are relentless when it comes to proactively representing you to reach a fair settlement.

For clear answers and aggressive representation on custody and child support matters, contact our firm about Connecticut child custody laws. We offer a complimentary consultation to all prospective clients. Our experienced lawyers are qualified to represent clients in the states of Connecticut and New York.

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