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Times change. We now look at parenting through a different lens, and we realize that children need their fathers, as well as mothers. Whether you term it father's rights, men's rights, or husband's rights, contact a Stamford men's rights lawyer who acknowledges that males may face a certain disadvantage in court when seeking custody of their own children and who understands how to push for an equal application of Connecticut law.

Dads face an uphill battle

Connecticut father's rights attorney Amy Greenberg is experienced in representing men in family matters. She offers strong, proactive representation for men facing divorce and custody situations who know that they are facing an uphill battle if they want to be more than just a weekend parent to their children.

Greenberg & Prince, LLC is a progressive law firm committed to providing parenting schedules that work for families. We have done extensive work with child support and child custody hearings and studies. As a firm of independent thinkers, we are aware that special circumstances call for a different way of looking at parents' rights. Fathers and husbands need special advocates who know and understand their legal rights.

Father's rights: More than theory

Connecticut child custody laws are written in a way that is gender-neutral, favoring neither fathers nor mothers. In practice, however, fathers may need to go the extra mile to be noticed, and to avoid stereotypical roles in order to establish equal footing.

When you need a lawyer, contact a knowledgeable and open-minded Connecticut father's rights attorney at Greenberg & Prince, LLC. When you need a lawyer who can educate and advocate for fathers' rights, set up a free initial case consultation and evaluation at our Bedford Street law firm today.

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