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If you want to work with your spouse cordially and politely rather than fight, mediation may be right for you. Contact the divorce mediation attorneys at Greenberg & Prince, LLC for a free initial 1/2 hour consultation.

What is mediation?

Family law mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that resolves legal conflicts without going to trial. Both parties are willing participants in the process, since it requires complete and honest disclosure.

In divorce mediation, the two parties work together with a neutral professional - often an attorney - who does not favor either party. The mediator works to help the parties learn each other's needs and interests, and then the mediator offers options to create a way to meet those needs. Through these discussions, the mediator will assist you in preparing all necessary court documents. The end result is that you will be divorced or legally separated.

Attorney Wendy Prince is an experienced and trained divorce mediator. She is a director with the Connecticut Council for Divorce Mediation, a statewide nonprofit organization that establishes standards of practice for its members and promotes non-adversarial approaches to resolving divorce and other family issues.

How can it work to your advantage?

If the parties can work together, they can take charge of the process and reach a satisfying outcome with less stress and cost than would be obtained through divorce litigation. Mediation may be the least painful remedy for reaching an agreement on issues such as finances, custody, property and debt division, spousal support, and parenting and support of minor children.

Benefits for Children

Mediation permits children of divorce to escape relatively unscathed. The recipe for healthy children post-divorce is parents who divorce with dignity and respect. With both parents working together to reorganize their family through a holistic approach, the children can emerge from the process possessing respect, dignity, and independence.

In high net worth divorces, mediation can allow for more private resolution of issues, pension and property division, and support arrangements. For more detail about mediation in high net worth divorces, call Connecticut attorney Wendy Prince today at 203.977.7766.

Which process should you use?

At our Bedford Street law firm, we mediate sessions with your and your spouse's personal needs and goals in mind. Our goal in mediation is to help you and your spouse come to agreement as quickly and as nicely as possible. We can advise you on what dispute resolution process might be best for you - divorce trial, mediation, or collaborative divorce.

Divorce mediation can be a cost effective alternative to litigation. To find out more about our negotiation services, contact a Stamford mediation lawyer at Greenberg & Prince today. We offer all prospective clients a free 1/2 hour initial consultation.

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